Eat Local All the Time

We believe Manitobans can eat local all year round.  To support this we sell a variety of foods to keep you nourished all year long including:

Honey - creamed (jars, $8,1kg $12, 3kg $33, 5kg $55)

Grassfed Lamb - $300 whole, $150 half - approx.
Beets - $1.50/lb
Carrots - $3/lb
Garlic - $15/lb
Onions - NEW for 2020 $2/lb

Sauerkraut - NEW for 2020 $15/L

Pumpkins - NEW for 2020

Watermelon - NEW for 2020

Winter Squashes - $1.50/lb

Soap - not edible but from our own lard - $6/each or 5 for $25

We are always experimenting and trying new things.

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