Eat Local All the Time

We believe Manitobans can eat local all year round.  To support this we sell a variety of foods to keep you nourished all year long including:


Grassfed Lamb

Apples - coming in 2021

Basil - coming in 2021
Carrots (frost-sweetened)"Best carrots EVER! So happy i got extra."

Garlic scapes
Onions - new in 2020

Sauerkraut - new in 2020

Pumpkins - new in 2020

Rhubarb - new for 2021

Watermelon - new in 2020

Winter Squashes

We also sell Soap, Shampoo Bars and Deodorant. 

To see what we have available NOW please see our Order Form.

We are always experimenting and trying new things.

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