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Our egg share provides you with farm-fresh eggs from happy chickens on a regular basis. 

Our chickens spend their summers scratching and pecking—as chickens are inclined to do—out in the sheep pasture in their custom-designed mobile chicken coop. Their poop is also very good for the pasture.  


They get moved to a fresh salad area daily where they get to do their chicken thing. The bulk of their diet is grain (a non-GMO mix from the local mill), but mixed with greens and bugs. 


We have top quality roll away nesting boxes with design features that keep the eggs nice and clean (you don't need to refrigerate them!) 


In fall, the chickens move into a bright and spacious space in our new barn complete with a unique dirt floor/living compost pile design. 

Eggs are $6/dozen and are currently delivered bi-weekly to the Wolseley and Fort Rouge neighbourhoods as well as to Morden.

chicken tractor in pasture with chickens
woman in blue tunic gathering eggs from nesting box tray
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