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Natural dyes offer incredible colour-producing potential to artists and makers.

Growing natural dye plants combines our love of gardening and our shepherding and allows us to produce our own Manitoba Lopi in a range of colours and hues. We're thrilled to grow more in order to share the joy of natural dyeing with others.

three natural dyes in vintage jars

Our dyes are sold in pint-size decorative glass vintage jars.

30g is enough to dye a 100g skein of yarn at 30% weight of fibre. Dyes go much further when used for bundle dyeing.

All our dye plants are grown organically using principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture. They are picked by hand and dried in the open air without the use of electricity.

young boy picking flowers

Our Natural Dyes

bright yellow flowers

Dyer's Chamomile

produces bright yellows


close up of orange and yellow daisy-like flower

Dyer's Coreopsis

produces deep oranges with a red hue


bright orange flowers

Orange Cosmos

produces bright oranges


Dock (seed)

produces reddish-tans


close up of large black flower

Black Hollyhocks

produce blues and violets


green leafy plant

Indigo (dried leaves)

produces blues


bright orange double flowers

Marigolds (petals)

produce a range of yellows and oranges with a green hue


round spike black flowers

Black Scabiosa

produces ranges of greens and mauves (with addition of acidity)


red onion bulb with green leaves

Red Onion

produce beautiful olive greens


cluster of yellow flowers


produces yellows


yellow daisy-like flowers with black centres


produces yellows with a green hue


green leafy plant with tall flower spikes


produces clear yellows. Often combined with other dyes to create teals and greens.


piles of dried flowers on large piece of bark
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